Our Mission

Concept 139 was created to foster the talents of emerging talent in film, primarily from BAME, Women and Social Impact filmmakers who want to tell cool, new stories in an innovative, exciting way. We don’t just tell stories, we make you live them through the big screen and cause the images and words and sound and music to impact you, to touch you, to move you and to inspire you. We don’t just support filmmakers, we make them, and we mould them into their own greatest selves. From a movement of Indie Filmmakers in 2002, Concept 139 has emerged to tell the most exciting stories in the world.

Through our social impact channels, we have set about starting the FILM Inspired campaign, a series of social impact short documentary films covering the stories of those in our country who have set about making a difference in some way in their busy lives.

In the fiction arena, we have also started an innovative campaign, the 555Film challenge, which seeks to re-dress the balance in the film industry through the support and enabling of Women and BAME Filmmakers to tell their stories whilst promoting young and emerging talent. This is done by making 5 short films and developing 5 feature films in 5 months as a challenge. The first films have been selected from BAME and Women led films, whilst at least one from each section will be selected from public entries through our sister competition which will be open to the public and emerging talent to submit their projects to be made.

The 555Film movement was started on the 1st January 2018 in a response to bring effective change and action for filmmakers from an under-represented areas including emerging talent, women in film and cultural diversity. We believe in action, not just words.

Please join our movement and sign-up to be a part of our journey to cause real change in the industry and make some cool films together. Together we can be the change we would like to see in the world. Go to 555Film.org for more information to get involved.

We hope you can join us on some of our interesting projects this year, and get involved.

Our Team

Uppili Raghavachari – Founder and CEO

Uppili Raghavachari is an indie filmmaker from Hertfordshire. He spent his childhood years doing street theatre with the neighbourhood kids and led a local fighting fantasy group, creating impromptu stories to keep the local kids engaged, out of trouble and entertained. This led to years of writing sci-fi and fantasy novels at his secondary school where he was regularly graded top of his class for creative writing and language. After university he started a career in finance, qualifying as a treasurer and becoming recognised as a leading business change consultant for global businesses and banks. During this time he visited India and had a moment of clarity which cemented his vision as a indie filmmaker. He created the fast growing group of London Indie Emerging Talent in Film which still runs today. He currently works to support women in film and diversity on various feature film projects.