Director:  Uppili Raghavachari
Screenwriters: Afzaal Mauthoor/Uppili Raghavachari
Genre:  Horror/Romance
An epic new genre mash-up project from the emerging talented pen of Afzaal Mauthoor, co-written and directed by exciting new director Uppili Raghavachari.
The time is 2175, the earth has just recovered from world war 5 and it is on the brink of destruction. A young man fights to save his love in the desolate wasteland as she is slowly being ravaged by an incurable disease. Will he be able to save her in time as the ravaging hounds of his arch-nemesis J V Lestat close in for the kill.
Release date: 2016


Director:  Uppili Raghavachari
Screenwters: Uppili Raghavachari
Genre:  Fantasy

It is New York City 1939. The city is in the grip of freefall hysteria. In the midst of this the murder squad do their best to cope with the ensuing chaos. Detective Finn, a lead investigator with the squad who’s fallen from grace and favour, finds himself in the middle of the departmental investigation when a serial killer starts to target his close inner circle of friends and ex-wives. He embarks on a race against time to prove his innocence as the killer starts to reveal his inner most secrets to the force at Finn’s expense.

Release date: 2018


Director:  Uppili Raghavachari
Screenwriters: Afzaal Mauthoor
Genre:  Fantasy/Thriller
Victorian England 1868. A series of grisly discoveries are found in the poor whitechapel area of the city and are attributed to Jack the Ripper but Superintendant Charles William Groves beleives they are the work of some other killers. More killings soon lead to the University of London’s advanced sciences unit where he comes into contact with a mysterious professor Von Helsing whose students are embarking on a wacky series of experiments to cheat death. Do these experiments relate to the killer? As the inspector delves further he discovers some frightening information about Van Helsing and the very future of London is at stake.


Director:  Uppili Raghavachari
Screenwters: Afzaal Mauthoor/Uppili Raghavachari
Genre:  Fantasy/Thriller

Dead End Dave’s life is falling apart. His job at the accountancy city firm no longer holds its sheen and his wife is having a breakdown and is about to leave him. When hope seems all but lost he turns a corner one day on his commute home and meets a beautiful mysterious stranger. She takes Dave on a journey through the dark, underbelly of London where he meets some fantastical characters and has some fun and adventure. As he starts to reclaim his confidence, his office co-worker Moriarty gets suspicious and follows him to the house at Dead End Lane where he starts to mess around with Dave’s new world with horrifying consequences. Support comes to Dave in the unlikely help from a timid office temp who motivates him via her zen-like coaching and soon he is embroiled in a battle with Moriarty for the future of his love and his sanity. Will Dave be strong enough to conquer the cunning plans of Moriarty or will be succumb and be forever lost to the insanity that beckons to him every single day.

Release date: 2017


Director:  Uppili Raghavachari
Screenwriters: Uppili Raghavachari
Genre:  Drama
A city professional recounts the story of a family heirloom to his young wife and the tale goes on to encompass generations before he was born and a story of his grandfather and his spiritual awakening in remote South India after a strange encounter with a poor fisherman’s son.
Things come to a head when his foolish friend loses the heirloom leading to serious consequences when the man has to find the lost artifact within 24 hours or face losing his love forever.
Release date: 2016